The Ricky Bobby Project


The Ricky Bobby Project was created to honor the life and memory of our beloved Miniature Schnauzer rescue. Ricky Bobby was an amazing fur-kid full of love and devotion that brought much joy and happiness to our lives. When he came to us he was not in good shape but what he lacked in grace and athleticism he made up with enthusiasm and sheer determination.  At 10 years old and after a year-long battle with cancer we had to say goodbye. Even though Ricky Bobby has crossed the rainbow bridge, his name and legacy will live on through this project which raises funds for dogs in need. 100% of the profits from the products on this page will be donated to Paw Philanthropy. All items are handmade in my studio in Austin, TX.

Ricky Bobby








Paw Philanthropy
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Our mission is to help dogs in need with medical expenses through fundraisers and donations.